About Us

Franchiseek.com was developed by Trevor Hart in 1999 as a result of 15 years in franchise marketing and development. During this time it became apparent that there was a need to provide a service to franchisors whereby the cost per leads generated could be reduced. Using online forms for interested parties is just one of the methods used by franchiseek to maximise on time and efficiency when processing potential leads.

Franchise FocusHistory

Increased international popularity by optimising specific webpages and adding articles on all aspects of business development
Formed alliances with global franchise associations and government bodies active in the promotion of franchising. This has given Franchiseek a credible association with some of the world's largest developing franchise communities.
Added regional web pages to the website, with 50+ individual country portals providing advice and news published specifically for each territory.
Launched it's own branded international franchise magazine in August 2004. Franchiseek International was given out free of charge to exhibition goers as part of the Media Partnership agreement.
Launched the global Media Partnership scheme with international exhibition organisers. This scheme has been highly successful in increasing Franchiseek's brand awareness in the global franchise & business markets.
Established the Franchiseek Global Alliance Network to meet the global demand for franchise recruitment and development support within each territory.
Launched new Franchise Focus Magazine in August 2006 aimed specifically at providing products and services directly to UK franchisors and franchisees. The new magazine has enabled Franchiseek to work more closely with franchising professionals