Sharing best practice over breakfast with the boss

David Patrick Cash Converters CEO

Teams from Cash Converters stores across the country are being invited to have ‘breakfast with the boss’ in order to discuss business decisions and share best practice.

The informal meetings, held at the Cash Converters HQ in Runcorn, provide an opportunity for CEO David Patrick, who takes a 360 degree approach to managing his business, to directly engage with those who work on the shop floor.

It also allows teams to keep up to date on current events, hear about issues affecting the market and give constructive feedback.

David Patrick said: “I really value the opinion of all my team at Cash Converters; those on the shop floor are the ones on the ground with first-hand experience of running our stores.

“Their knowledge, experience and opinions are highly respected and our ‘breakfast with the boss’ sessions are just another way we strive to engage with the whole team. I hope to use the sessions to address any concerns they may have, update them on business decisions and share best practice, which all help me to continually make improvements to the company as a whole.

“The group breakfasts are informative and relaxed, giving everyone a chance to express their views and discuss how we can move the business forward, while enjoying a hearty wholesome start to the day! And with six sessions to get through over the next year, I’m going to be well fed!”

Cash Converters is the UK’s number one retailer of buying and selling pre-owned goods and a financial services provider, with 227 stores across the UK and 730 worldwide.

As well as offering a place to shop for pre-owned bargains and sell unwanted goods for instant cash, it also provides a range of financial services including pawn broking, cheque cashing, laybys and buyback.

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