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About DirectBooker

Direct Booker is a leading travel agency for renting private accommodation in Croatia. The main idea is to connect renters and travelers by offering professional support to both parties. By using our service renters have more time for themselves. We help them in managing their properties, but also we help them to maximize the sale and bookings by advertising them on famous sale channels such as, Airbnb, Expedia, HomeAway, etc. By using technology solutions directbooker compares prices and advice renters what price to set in order to stay competitive on the market.

On the other hand directbooker offers a full service experience to guests as they can book a room as well as choose from array of many other activities we offer through the system such as transfers, rent-a car, excursions and many more.

The work would not be that easy if we didn't develop our channel manager, Booker Tools which is great opportunity and benefit for us. Our IT team of professionals developed a system which is based on our needs in order to manage the business, and they do improvements daily.

DirectBooker as a brand started to operate ten years ago. Today directbooker has two own outlets in Croatia and 18 affiliate outlets in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro,Serbia and one franchise in Peru.

The idea is to spread this business model among other countries, offering directbooker business model to other people who are interested in developing business as a part of franchise using directbooker brand name, operational system, channel manager.

The DirectBooker Franchise

By buying directbooker franchise, partners- franchisees receive full franchise package including:

  • know-how
  • knowledge and experience
  • training on how to use and how to sell directbooker service to renters
  • specialized IT system includes:
    • Channel Managenet System (syncronization of availability and prices on many platforms by one click, including, Airbnb, Expedia, etc.)
    • Booker Tools, multi-platform mobile applicatin (for renters)
    • Booking engine
    • Content Api (lets advertise your properties automatically through the CMS by one click)
    • Reservation management
    • Rate manager
    • Activities and transfers management system
  • Technical support (for IT system) including support in launching the operations
  • Training includes:
    • how to use the IT system- 2 training
    • training for Booker Tools Application
    • Sales training (how to present directbooker benefits and sell it to renters)
  • Marketing support
  • Support in custome relationship (creating and optimizing renters profiles on sales channels)
  • Franchise manager support and advising

Expected Total Investments

  • Minimal investment 5.000,00€
  • Franchise royalty fee is 7% from net turnover
  • Franchise contract last for 3 years with possibility to be extended

Basic Expectations

We are looking for:

  • travel agencies that need a strong technology platform and IT solutions
  • entrepreneures with experience in tourism and travel industry
  • computer skills
  • advance English communication skills

Next Steps

If you would like to find out more information about directbooker franchise model please contact us by filling out the enquiry form below.

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