Dorber Greeting Cards

Dorber is a franchise based on delivering QUALITY greetings cards to a variety of retail outlets on a SALE OR RETURN basis.

As such there is no HARD SELLING to be done.

Formed 15 years ago, our Franchise package is UNIQUE. Designed for HASSLE-FREE operation by the Franchisee, and complete satisfaction from the retailer. We have an easy to operate SYSTEM, with virtually no paperwork to do, and no reports to write to Head Office We also offer all the on-going support that could be required.

NO previous experience is required as full TRAINING is included in your Franchise fee, together with a large quantity of initial stock of cards and stands, and of course your exclusive territory.

The full Franchise package is ONLY £10,000 plus VAT, and there are ZERO on-going fees to pay. Unlike other Franchises that charge Annual fees, and Marketing fees. After you have paid your Franchise fee, all you ever pay us is for more stock, and even that is on SALE OR RETURN to you.

This is a RISK FREE, easy to operate, Franchise, following our proven UNIQUE operating system.
Choose your own hours and days to work.NO TARGETS TO MEET.

Become part of UK's £1 billion Greeting Card Market

  • Retail Sales in the Greeting Card Market in the UK and Ireland exceeded £1billion last year and is growing ...
  • On average each person in the UK and Ireland received over 50 greetings cards last year.
  • Low cost / High Profit opportunity
  • Quick return on your investment

Full Training

We offer a full training package,one day delivered at our Rossendale base, and a further recap at your home, just before you commence trading, which covers everything you need to start and maintain a thriving Greeting Card business, including:

  • The principles of the Dorber business model, and how to implement it.
  • Prospecting and establishing new clients.
  • How to service accounts.
  • Running a business – Day to day accounting, book-keeping, ordering, handling VAT etc. (we recommend that you register your business for VAT)

Full support and Mentoring
Unlike most other Greeting Card Franchises, the Dorber Franchise is unique. In addition to the Full Training Package the Dorber Management Team are fully committed to ensuring that YOUR BUSINESS is a success, which means…..

  • No targets to meet – it’s YOUR business, you set your own targets and goals and we will support and help you to achieve them.
  • No repeat fees or commissions. Many franchises charge an annual fee or take a percentage of your profit.
  • Full Sale or Return on all the Dorber Collection stock, including instant credit to your account on returned stock.
  • Full mentoring programme and telephone support.


Hear What Our Franchisees Have To Say....

Gerald Holden
I have been with Dorber as a franchisee for over 6 years now, and it was the best business decision I have ever made. I can work the hours and days that I want, there are no reports to write and the stock of cards that I need are always available to me within 24 hours.

Martin Roberts
As a retired Bank Manager I was delighted to find, when Dorber made their company accounts available to me for inspection, that their business is self financing. This gives me great confidence as a franchisee that my business is in safe hands with Dorber and continuity of my franchise is assured.

Hilary, one of the directors of Dorber, was a franchisee for 10 years. In addition to having a good income for 10 years, she sold her franchise for four times her original franchise fee.

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