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Can You Help To Put The Heart Back Into UK Organisations?

Only 8% Of UK Employees Are Engaged At Work...

Founder and CEO, Richard Maloney has developed a ground-breaking, neurologically designed programme to help business leaders, Human Resources and Learning & Development managers create fully engaged employees in only a matter of weeks through Engage & Grow’s Group Activation System™.

The programme consistently produces phenomenal results and feedback with gains in employee engagement averaging 257% for SMEs and 361% for Corporate & Public Sector clients.

As a licensed Employee Engagement Specialist, you can expect to receive world-class support including weekly webinars and advice from a global network of coaches via online forums.
As you’d expect from the transformational results, each programme is tailored to suit your client best by your back-office team and you benefit from a 75:25% split of income in your favour:

One size doesn’t fit all and the Engage & Grow team provide me with the right programme for each client. When you start a programme and see the change in people – from avoiding eye contact with you to asking how they can get involved – it’s amazing. The sense of achievement and wellbeing is immense. My first programme covered my investment in an Engage & Grow licence and after that you only need to pay a small ongoing commission per paying client. The rest of the income is profit after your time, travel, and printing certificates.

Karrie-Anne Fox - Licensed Employee Engagement Facilitator

What Makes Engage & Grow So Different?

  • It quickly gets bosses and employees aligned, more productive and happier
  • Scientifically and neurologically developed over 9 years
  • Creates leaders across ALL levels of the organisation
  • Holds everyone accountable to deliver agreed outcomes
  • Run in-house (and even via video link)
  • You become the key link between management and staff
  • It’s fun, challenging and very rewarding!

Having the flexibility to be around for your children, to do the school run, and raise them as you would like is just a dream for most mums who have to return to work. As a single mother, being an Engage & Grow licence owner really works for me on many levels. I get to help others succeed in their own lives and businesses, raise my own kids and give them the quality time they deserve; I’m also financially independent and doing what I love to do.

Joanna Martorana - Licensed Employee Engagement Facilitator

You'll Be Someone Who...

  • Is an excellent communicator
  • Has a great attitude to life and work
  • Is responsible & teachable
  • Has experience as a Coach, Trainer, Facilitator or Manager
  • Is trusted
  • And enjoys helping people

Next Steps

If you’d like to make a difference, enjoy learning & personal growth and want to maximise your fulfilment and rewards from your available time, then look no further! Apply now!

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