Esquires Coffee Houses

International premium coffee house chain. Our success depends on our franchisees, so we make sure we’ve got the right people – and we do everything we can to make sure they have all the support they need. We look after them, they look after us. Its all part of being a family. Simple.

It takes a special person to be an Esquires franchisee. Commitment to quality and service, is a pre-requisite, but a business founded on customer service needs a warm and welcoming personality too. Experience in catering or retail helps, but the person matters more.

Like we said, this is a two way thing. In return for your commitment you’ll get first class training, a carefully selected location, great product and a distinctive brand.

You’ll also be able to work together with us to develop your coffee house in tune with your own customer’s needs. You’re never alone, you’ve got all our years of experience to draw upon wherever you need it, not forgetting that of the wider franchisee community too.

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