The Hyperpigmentation Clinic

HPC UK Ltd opened its first clinic in London’s prestigious Harley Street in January 2014, and now currently runs 4 regional clinics in the UK. The Hyperpigmentation Clinic is the world’s only specialist clinic for the treatment of Hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones. It has treated hundreds of customers with a 95% success rate since opening.

HPC UK Ltd is now looking for business owners to open up clinics around the world in locations where much larger proportions of the population typically suffer from Hyperpigmentation. Asia, Southern Europe, South America would be key territories, as well as large Western metropolitan areas of mixed ethnicities.

Full product & service training, operations manual, continuous clinical & technical support, customer/treatment troubleshooting, updates on general best practice guidelines & techniques. Direct instant messaging channel to London HQ with fast response.

There is no need for financing as setup costs are minimal, with no significant capital expenditure required.

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