ADP to guide Red Flag Alert through franchise expansion

ADP®, a leading global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, has been selected by Red Flag Alert, the business intelligence and data integrity practice, to provide HR and payroll solutions for its growing franchise portfolio. ADP will provide the company with a scalable offering, designed specifically for franchise businesses.

The Red Flag Alert franchise network provides SMEs with predictive tools and business intelligence to enable them to do better business, make better decisions and be more informed. The software enables franchisees to reduce clients’ risk of bad debt, evaluate the background of clients and potential clients and access a large volume of high quality marketing data. Red Flag Alert has ambitious national expansion plans and has selected ADP as its preferred partner to ensure its franchise network is fully supported and prepared for the road ahead.

Dan Archer, Franchise Director at Red Flag Alert, says: “From the start ADP demonstrated that it understood the unique nature of franchise businesses. After meeting at the British Franchise Association’s National Conference, ADP not only showed that it has invested heavily in the franchise industry, but that its specialist offering for franchises is the perfect solution for us.

“We require a scalable solution that can flex to our growth plans, and a reputable brand such as ADP has the technology, experience and expertise to do this. Real time reporting is difficult for small businesses due to a lack of internal resource and specialist knowledge. Outsourcing to ADP will help our franchisees to cope with these admin-heavy and often technical tasks.”

Franchisee autonomy is important for Red Flag Alert and HR support is a vital part of enabling them to operate efficiently and effectively, as Archer explains: “Our franchisees won’t necessarily have experience of running a business so outsourcing HR support helps immensely. We can reap the benefits of having a consistent system across the entire business, without needing to control each aspect internally. This will ensure each franchisee has control over their own information and can remain independent.”

André Robberts, Division Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ADP UK, said: “We have invested significantly in order to create a solution that fits perfectly into the unique franchise business model. An outsourced system can ensure that there is an element of uniformity across a franchise business, allowing head office to be confident that its franchisees are provided with the best tools to succeed. It also means that each franchisee has its own system, giving them more control over data and processes.

“We are committed to enabling Red Flag Alert to achieve its growth plans, replicating our service across the entire Red Flag Alert network as it expands further, whether nationally or internationally.”

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