Bar-B-Clean Fires Up National Expansion Plans

If you haven’t had your barbecue cleaned in a while, there’s a good chance that rats, mice, or other critters have lived, snacked, or left droppings inside. Additionally, that crusted mess and grease dripping on the grates and underneath is both a fire danger and a health hazard, and makes your food just taste nasty.

But have no fear. Bar-B-Clean is coming to a neighborhood near you.

With eight locations already serving 17 territories throughout seven states – including Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas – the only barbecue cleaning franchise in the country recently announced an aggressive expansion initiative to add more than 30 new territories nationwide by the end of 2016.

“It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. We want to be that somebody,” says Bar-B-Clean founder Bryan Weinstein, noting that nearly 90 percent of all U.S. households own a grill or smoker and more than 60 percent of those owners use their grills year round making a periodic cleaning necessary. “Everyone knows grills get extremely greasy and dirty, but they really hate to clean them. Until now, grill owners haven’t had many places they could turn to have their grills professionally cleaned. Bar-B-Clean fulfills that customer demand.”

Bar-B-Clean was born one evening in 2011 when Weinstein went out to his patio to fire up his grill for the first time that year. When he opened the lid, he saw crusted-on food, spots of mold and other manner of filth that would not be tolerated on any other cooking equipment. As he spent the next few hours scraping, scrubbing and degreasing, he decided there needed to be a simpler, more effective way to clean his barbeque.

"I Googled it and saw that there was only one grill-cleaning company in Orange County," he remembers. "I thought this would be a great opportunity in a niche market with little or no competition."

Launched in 2011 and franchising since 2013, Bar-B-Clean offers residential and commercial customers a convenient, low cost grill cleaning solution. Using a proprietary steam cleaning system that pumps out 310 degree steam vapor, the service includes a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior of the grill, as well as a thorough inspection of the burner and ignition systems.

“Cleaning provided by Bar-B-Clean will make the neighbor jealous,” Weinstein says. “Not only will your barbeque work to its fullest potential, and your food taste much better and fresher, our cleaning will extend the life of your barbecue.”

To augment the company’s national expansion plans, Bar-B-Clean is seeking franchisees interested in running a home-based business with huge growth potential.

“With little to no competition, the opportunities are endless,” says Weinstein. “Don’t trust us…run a web search for barbecue cleaning companies and see for yourself.”

With a franchise fee of $19,500, the total investment to own and operate an exclusive Bar-B-Clean territory of around 100,000 households is $19,500-$25,000, which typically includes travel to training, equipment, insurance and an initial marketing blitz. The franchise fee for all additional territories is $14,625.

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