Chronic Tacos Adds Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce to Core Menu

Chronic Tacos

There may not be a brand that knows their customer as well as Chronic Tacos. And when the fan base speaks up, Chronic Tacos listens, takes action, and gives them what they want. Thanks to consumer demand, the wildly popular and dangerously hot Chronic Tacos Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce has been added to the California-based taco shop’s core menu and can be found at all corporate and franchised locations.

Likely due in large part to Chronic Tacos’ loyal fan base, the great American love affair with hot sauce has launched the condiment to the top of the charts, deeming it America’s new favorite condiment.

Since 2000, the American hot sauce market has grown by 150 percent. That’s more than that of the barbecue sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard markets combined. As hot sauce heats up, U.S. businesses and restaurants like Chronic Tacos are responding to the increased demand.

After the Chronic Tacos team partnered up with their friend and associate, Dexter Holland, lead singer of Offspring and owner of Gringo Bandito’s Hot Sauce, to create the infamous Ghost Pepper Sauce, Chronic Taco’s customers were hooked, addicted, and craving more.

“Our customers can’t get enough,” said Mike Mohammad, CEO of Chronic Tacos. “They love it because it is not just hot for the sake of being hot, it actually has great flavor too. Every menu item goes great with our hot sauce, but customers should remember that a little goes a long way.”

That’s a fair warning from the CEO. On the Scoville heat index where a standard jalapeno has a score of 3,500, the Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce heat level is over 1 million.

The bold flavor and intense heat of the Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce was no easy feat to accomplish though. With Holland, the Chronic Tacos team tested several recipes before they realized the perfect combination. By taking their already popular house salsa and adding a few new ingredients including some dangerously hot peppers, the sauce developed distinct flavor while also packing a ton of heat.

After several months of testing and the loss of several taste buds, the Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce was complete. One year later, the hot sauce is making its debut as a permanent menu item.

The sauce is joining an already eclectic menu featuring unique options like the uncommon Potato Taco, unconventional California Burrito and wildly popular Wet Burrito. With a foundation of third generation authentic Mexican recipes, Chronic Tacos encourages customers to customize their orders. Using all fresh, locally-sourced ingredients made in house daily from scratch, the restaurant offers burritos, tostada bowls, tortas, taquitos, flautas, salads and tacos.

Offering only the highest-quality ingredients and a wide variety of authentic Mexican flavors, customers can choose from carne asada (steak), pollo asado (chicken), carnitas (slow-cooked pork), al pastor (spicy marinated pork), and fresh pico de gallo and guacamole. Seafood lovers can also order grilled, beer-battered, or baja-style fish and shrimp. Introduced in 2014, Chronic Tacos also serves a breakfast menu all day that includes tacos and burritos. Rounding out the menu, Chronic Tacos offers a variety of Mexican beers, sodas and horchata.

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