Central Processing Centre Helps Franchisees Grow

Cloud Bookkeeping Processing Centre

Cloud Bookkeeping, one of the largest bookkeeping franchises in the UK, is helping its franchisees to grow their businesses without the early risk of needing to employ staff. The company has introduced a central processing centre together with their own dedicated ‘Cloud Vault’ for document storage. They have a team of bookkeepers trained to the same exacting standards as the franchisees themselves, who can process work on behalf of franchisees so they are able to focus on building client relationships and finding new business.

Mandy Bagot founder of Cloud Bookkeeping explains: “Many of our franchisees are keen to grow their business beyond a workload they can handle themselves, however employing staff can be daunting and high risk at first. So we’ve employed and trained a team of two full-time staff who are based in our London head office and available to process bookkeeping work on behalf of our franchisees when required. This gives our franchisees the confidence to take on more and larger clients, knowing they have the resources behind them to service them properly.”

Cloud Bookkeeping trains their franchisees to confidently run their own successful bookkeeping businesses using their workflow templates known as the Prism process™. These templates guide them through every bookkeeping assignment, enabling them to deliver a consistently premium service. The staff in the new central processing centre are trained to follow the same Prism process™.

Mandy continues: “Our franchisees now have a choice between handling the bookkeeping work themselves, employing people to do it for them or using the team in the central processing centre. We ran a successful trial last year with a few franchisees who found the service extremely helpful to free up their time whilst still delivering the high standard of work their clients expect. We’ve now opened it up to the rest of the network and many are planning to take advantage of the service to enable them to focus on expanding and building long-term business relationships.”

With increasing demand there are already exciting plans to expand the Processing Centre team. Mandy is especially pleased to be keeping the jobs in the UK with new staff initially being employed through an apprenticeship scheme.

Mandy concludes by saying: “Cloud Bookkeeping is constantly looking at ways we can improve the service our franchisees provide to their clients. When we can do that by providing UK jobs everyone is a winner!”

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