Top 4 Effective Workouts for a Healthy Heart

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Located deep within the chest cavity, weighing a measly 10.5 ounces, lies one of the strongest and most imperative organs in the body—the heart. With every distinct heartbeat, blood is aggressively pumped through the entire body, supplying the necessary oxygen and nutrients for cell survival. Seeing that the heart is an essential force, it’s no wonder America has deemed February as Heart Month, a time to show some love to the ideogram of love.

“Having a designated time devoted to promoting and educating our country on heart health is so important, especially because heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women,” stated Eric Casaburi, CEO and founder of Retro Fitness, a leading national low-cost, high-value fitness chain. “While this is the tragic truth, there are proven defensive steps one can take in order to avoid becoming a statistic. The best thing we can do is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.”

To help Americans keep hearts healthy and happy, Casaburi provides four exercises to incorporate into fitness routines:

  • Circuit Training: While any activity is better than remaining stationary, high-intensity circuit training is one of the most effective ways to promote blood movement and pump up the heart. During circuit training, your heartrate increases, blood vessels dilate and your entire system becomes more pronounced. To achieve maximum results, opt for minimal rest periods, alternating lower and upper body exercises.
  • Yoga: Over the past few years, yoga has become an extremely common and favorable practice. It has been proven to reduce BMI and cholesterol, while lowering blood pressure—which are all necessary for a healthy heart. Considering all you need is a mat, yoga is potentially the most cost-effective preventative step to take towards reducing your chance of heart disease. As an added bonus, yoga has been proven to cut stress.
  • Weight Training: When participating in weight lifting, you’re creating muscle mass which works to decrease fat, even post-workout. By engaging these muscles, your heart’s burden is limited, giving it a rest. The decision to use free weights verses machines is a common topic during weight training; however there are pros to both. Using free weights means you will engage several muscles while simultaneously honing your balance skills, whereas machines isolate one muscle or group in particular.
  • Running: Running is a fantastic way to rev up your cardiovascular system like a car and drive it into new grounds. Running yields similar cardiovascular results as high-intensity circuit training. In fact, a Harvard study found people who ran minimally one hour per week cut their risk of heart disease by 42 percent.

Retro Fitness is a rapidly growing fitness chain offering the industry’s most innovative equipment and motivating workout environment, and an unbeatable cost.
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