New Bio-Rite Franchisee Aims to Protect Patients

Piotr Filip

Leading infection control company and franchisor, Bio-Rite has announced new franchisee, Piotr Filip, is to extend the company’s comprehensive healthcare decontamination services to institutions based in Dorset, Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire. Using best practices involved with both manual and mechanical disinfection techniques, Piotr Filip and his experienced colleagues at Bio-Rite, will address the challenges faced by healthcare providers trying to cope with the increasing threat from infections such as MRSA, C.Difficile or Norovirus.

“I will be working with the NHS and care homes to help ensure infection free environments for patients,” explains Piotr Filip. “Bio-Rite as a group has more than 40 years’ experience in decontamination and infection control management and during my extensive training, I have been surprised to discover how infections are common within our institutions. In addition, how incorrect procedures such as simply ‘wiping over’ used care equipment can contribute to spreading disease.

“This is particularly so with common air-born infections such as C.Difficile,” continues Filip. “C.Difficile is unpleasant and causes diarrhoea but can have more serious consequences for vulnerable patients. Because the spores are air-born, just moving contaminated mattresses and equipment to another location for cleaning can spread the disease putting both patients and staff at risk.

“At Bio-Rite we are able to provide various effective infection control services to minimise the spread of infection, including whole ward decontamination,” continues Piotr Filip. “The Anios is one machine we use, which works by distributing hydrogen peroxide vapour in three dimensions to destroy 99.99% of pathogens including air-born infections.

“In addition, our mobile services also allow used care equipment to be decontaminated safely and effectively on-site in a specially designed hydrogen peroxide chamber. Rapid turn-around means mattresses and equipment can be returned to the hospital or care home on the same day, optimising the use of valuable resources and protecting patients.”

Alan Wright, managing director, Bio-Rite comments: “We are delighted to welcome Piotr to the team. His background previously running his own retail outlets will make him ideally placed to fulfil the long-term contracts and provide the level of service expected by our NHS and care home clients. Piotr who originates from Poland is also bi-lingual and we anticipate his language skills may also be advantageous when liaising with the multicultural workforce within our UK hospitals and care homes.”

Growing demand for Bio-Rite’s services means the company is currently recruiting franchisees on a nation-wide basis. Bio-Rite is a British Franchise Association (bfa) Provisional Member and staff and franchisees are members of the Infection Prevention Society (IPS).

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