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Global Master Franchise opportunities

For Sweden´s largest franchise export company

We are looking for persons/companies who wants to become Master Franchisees in their countries. Areas available globally. Check with us if your country is available.

The Master Franchise – The stores “1 stop” Greeting card & Gift supplier

You will be trained and supported by Card Group in establishing a national chain of franchisees/sales merchandisers
who will supply local stores a Cards & Gift “boutique” concept in your country. Your franchisees/sales merchandisers
have their own territories and will provide a merchandising & sales service to stores such as supermarkets, gift, book, home deco stores, kiosks etc. You will be responsible for administration, recruitment and on-going support to your team.

The stores only pay for what they sell so they take no risk. No hard selling involved, you offer something which is free.
The products sell themselves from the markets widest range of displays.
Our “boutique” and “We are Different” concept has increased sales for tens of thousands of stores worldwide, it has
also opened new types of stores that previously did not sell cards & gifts.

Your business can initially be operated from home (office/storage space) to avoid high start-up overheads and then as
the business grows expand into larger office/warehouse facility.

A complete system to help you run a successful business includes: Initial training in Sweden and/or in your country,
on-going support in your country, sales material, intranet system, franchise recruitment support etc. We trade with
many international retailers. You will be supported to expand into a large number of stores.

Why “We are Different

Greetings cards and gifts have looked the same for decades and stores must buy stock including unsold products.
Card Group discovered a big gap in the market and does the opposite to competitors.

  • A Different concept for products and services to stores was developed.
  • Next Generation Designs that are not comparable to competitors.
  • Unique shapes, materials, colours, themes, styles, finishes and highest quality in the market.
  • A win-win concept, stores only pay for what they sell, therefore easy to get as they take no risk.
  • World’s only card & gift company that follows and creates designs based on trends.
  • The products outsell all other cards & gifts in the market.

We have thousands of designs of greeting cards, gift bags, gift wraps, stickers, candles, balloons and accessories.
The greeting card market is huge and there is also an enormous market for our other products.


Minimal investment required and we finance your growth

We finance you with a start - up discount budget worth tens of thousands of Euros for products. We also finance your growth for products/displays for your stores. A unique opportunity and best financial back up in the franchise industry.

Successful applicants must have sales, general business experience, the ability to finance working capital of between
Euro 40 000 - 70 000, this subject to start up, rollout capabilities and the country in question. No previous experience necessary. The company language is English.

If you would like to find out more about this exciting opportunity with Card Group Greetings, please fill out the enquiry form below and we'll be in touch.


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