Veeno Wine Cafe Franchise

In 2013, two young Italians with a strong passion for good wine and traditional Italian food created Veeno – The Italian Wine Cafè. In just a few years, Veeno has become one of the best entrepreneurial stories in the UK.

Veeno - The Italian Wine Cafè exports the Italian culture of “aperitivo”: drinking high-quality wine while tasting good food with friends and family in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the store.

The wine is produced by an excellent winery business in Sicily, whereas food is carefully selected from the best Italian producers.

Veeno does not accept any compromise between quality and authenticity, delivering a unique consumer experience that is fascinating the UK market on a daily basis.

In just three years the company’s turnover has grown by 800%, and today Veeno operates seven direct stores in the UK, employing more than 80 people.

The Veeno franchise ambition is to create the first Italian Wine Café network across the UK, becoming a market leader along with its partners. Italian Aperitivo: the new, great passion of the UK.

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