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Achieve a great work life balance whilst running a profitable business in one of the biggest growth markets in the UK.

Welcome to Avant, and thank you for considering a franchise with us. For driven, compassionate people, this is a wonderful opportunity to build your own business, with comprehensive support from true experts in the care sector. Your opportunity to become part of a UK-owned franchise network.

Below you’ll find out about becoming an Avant Franchise Business Partner, about the people behind the business and what you’ll need to get started and what you can expect from us, plus what we’ll expect from you.

The people behind our business – and yours

Our owner, Sally Graham, started her first business in 1996 as a franchisee, and quickly built up a highly successful multi-site operation, covering nine territories and turning over £12 million. In 2010, she sold her business to one of the UK’s top five home care companies, and then began setting up Avant, supported by Operations Manager, Deepa Dungar.

Through Avant, Sally wants to share her knowledge and experience, to help franchisees develop thriving home care businesses and enjoy the same kind of success she has achieved. Her vision is to create an outstanding UK-owned franchise network, providing quality services to
help a wide range of people retain their independence.

The Avant Franchise package – Your future with us

When you become an Avant Franchise Business Partner, the emphasis is very much on the word ‘Partner’. We work closely with you to help you build and develop your business, and enjoy long-term rewards.
Franchisee training and on-going support, including coaching and mentoring.
5 year renewable licence to operate as an Avant franchise partner
Exclusive marketing territory
Avant franchise operations manual
Your own website and representation on the main Avant website
We know we’re operating in a growth market with longevity.

The industry is currently worth more than £20 billion, and is still growing. As our population continues to age, and as advances in medical care help those with health conditions live longer, the need for high-quality care and support services is only going to increase.

Figures quoted by Parliament estimate that in the 20 years between now and 2030, the number of people over the age of 65 will have grown by 5.5 million to 15.5 million. And by 2050 this is likely to have increased to around 19 million. So more and more people will need help and support
at home. It’s clear that Avant is a business with a future.

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